Isabella’s Big Break


Isabella is an aspiring actress/model that has to work part time as a maid, until she gets her big break, and some serious financial aid. When Marcus arrives at home after a hard day at work, he notices poor Isabella scrubbing the dirty floor like a slutty Cinderella. He makes her polish the floor because she missed a spot, but all this pervert wants is her tight fucking twat. Marcus claims he has a friend that’s a photographer in the biz, and he can introduce Isabella to him, if she swallows some jizz. It doesn’t take very long for Isabella to start sucking his schlong, because she’s wanted a way in the industry for so fucking long. She sucks his hard cock like her life depends on it, and after cleaning toilets, and mopping floors, she is done with that bullshit. He fucks Isabella’s tight little cunt hard and fast, and pulls it out so she can taste her pussy juice all over his shaft. As they finishing up fucking, and he comes all over her twat, he makes her continue to clean the floor, cuz the bitch still missed a spot.